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Lisloughrey, Cong, Co. Mayo

Lisloughrey Pier is one of the most popular piers on the Corrib and has a lot of regular activity. In the summer months this is where the majority of cruisers berth, mainly all on swing moorings.

The pier itself is easy to access and is sits at different heights to the water, catering for different sized vessels.

Google Maps location link here

Width: 4.6 metres

Gradient Angle: Quite steep, would recommend jeep as there is a drop off of about 4" half way down the slipway

Mayo County Council have built toilet facilities at the pier which are open 7 days a week, but close at night

Corrib Cruises offer daily sailings on Lough Corrib from Lisloughrey. There is signage on the pier indicating where the boat ties up. Out of respect, if tied up here, be available to move your boat if you see the ferry arriving.

Cong Village is only minutes away from Lisloughrey. There is a right-of-way through Lisloughrey Lodge and then through Ashford Castle which will greatly reduce the walking distance from the pier to the village.

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