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This image shows the results of the sonar data compilation during 2010 in the North Lake - white areas represent either data compiled during 2009/2008 or areas still to be surveyed in detail. There are several previously uncharted deep holes in this image, and some very surprising uncharted shallow areas, not appearing on the 1846 chart at all, two in particular that are dangerous. This data has been collected for vast areas of the lake now - but with a huge amount of work still to do

This image of Cong Bay gives you an idea of the amount of raw data collected

These are some screenshots from Garmin nRoute running CorribCharts v1.18

Screenshots of Lough Corrib from v1.14

This is one of the reasons why it is very unwise to hammer around the lake at high speed in un-familar waters. This isolated rock was found, uncharted, unmarked and unknown, close SW of Inchagoill. It would destroy a propulsion system. It now appears on the GPS chart as "Nialls Rock"

Another reason why it is un-wise to hammer around the lake at high speed in un-familar waters. Note "Trevors Shallows" half way between Inchagoill and Cleenallaun. This is an un-marked 3ft shallow. On the old BA chart it appears as 16ft. These are the kind of shallows that we are discovering which have never been brought to anyones attention

This is an example of the kind of detailed surveys we are conducting. Many of the more interesting parts of the lake have already been surveyed to this level of detail, produced using various sonar technologies

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