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"CorribCharts is a fantastic thing to have created and is a work that will live on long after you are dead. You will join the ranks of William Wilde and Maurice Semple in Corrib lore"
- Dr. P. Meagher

"CorribChats is an absolute gem, an amazing piece of work"
- Noel Hession

"Very quick delivery and nicely packed. Does exactly what it says on the tin"
- Cormac Browne

"The advent of has changed everything for me. I have been in places I never would have chanced bringing the boat previously - little wooded islands, hidden bays and lovely sheltered anchorages to spend the night. The lake has got three times
bigger! I have absolute confidence in the accuracy of the and always feel very secure that the CorribCharts GPS-version will guide me safely. I welcome this opportunity to applaud the many years of exceptional work that Trevor and Niall have put into the creation of CorribCharts. It will surely introduce a wider audience of boat owners to the charm and beauty our beautiful lake that has us all under its spell. I am especially looking forward to the launch of the new Chartbook and adding that to the current CorribCharts suite of GPS and Wall Chart"
- Zara Culleton Brady. Annaghkeen Bay

"CorribCharts is brilliant! The charts have opened up completely new parts of Lough Corrib to me. My Garmin GPSMAP has finally come to life and is no longer a blank screen with a few black lines"
- Philip Brady

“My brother and I have found CorribCharts invaluable. Not having massive experience of areas on the Corrib other than Ashford Castle to Inchagoill Island. I was reluctant to navigate most parts of the lake, but not anymore. Even at dusk when visibility is poor, it is easy to follow the route and tracks back on my Garmin unit. Thank you for the fantastic job you have done, you have opened up the Corrib to us all!”
– Paul Devane. Galway

“After downloading CorribCharts and up-loading to my GPS, it confirmed nicely the shallow that we discovered (by riding up onto it) during the Cong-Galway 2009 sail race on our Flying 15. It also showed us we had a number of other close shaves, that we thankfully passed over without any harm”
– Colm

“As a regular user of the River Corrib, but an inexperienced user of the lake, I have found the charts on the GPS system invaluable this year. It has opened up a whole new area of Lough Corrib to be explored, safely”
- David Cox. Moycullen, Co. Galway

“After damaging two props, obliterating a skeg and having the unfortunate situation of a boat full of friends and family with my boat 'moored' on rocks in the middle (yes, middle) of Lough Corrib, all I can say is CorribCharts has been a lifesaver. Thank you”
- Declan Devane

"The charts are brilliant. I found a great pike location from just using the screen-shots. 5 pike in 2 sessions!"
- John Paul Kelly

"I have found CorribCharts to be great fun, but it also saved my bacon when a fog came down on my passage to Galway from Cong. I followed the route and it brought me straight to the Friar's Cut. A great job, well done"
- Peadar Canavan. Bushypark, Galway

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