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Oughterard, Co. Galway

Located about 1.5km from Oughterard Village, this is possibly one of the best launching spots on Lough Corrib, as it has two slipways with different gradient angles.

The pier has lots of space to moor and has deep water all around it, except on the western face where it's very shallow.

Google Maps location link: Here

Width: 4.8 metres

Gradient angle: Quite steep, would recommend jeep unless retrieving anything other than very small boat

Width: 4.8 metres

Gradient angle: Quite shallow, very easy to launch and retrieve any boat. Caution should be taken that the slipway itself (under the water) is quite slippery year round

Do not attempt to moor on the western face of the pier (As you face the pier from the road, this will be the most LEFT side of the pier), very shallow.

Corrib Cruises ferry has a berth here and is a very active pier during the summer.

The pier can very very congested during the summer with parked cars which can soon bring things to a standstill. If parking, it is recommended to park on the grass verge about 100m away from the pier - that way you can be sure you are not blocking anyone.

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