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On a Garmin GPSMap Series

Garmin GPSMAP Series

The easiest way to install CorribCharts on the GPSMAP Series GPS unit is to install it using MapSource. Obtaining MapSource is explained on the " Installing CorribCharts on a PC" page. You will also need to have a memory card for your GPS. Depending on the GPS you will need either an SD Card (G2 Devices) or a Garmin Data Card (Usually BlueChart Devices) - It is your own responsibility to know which data card your GPS accepts (Please do not e-mail us asking)

1) Connect your GPS to your PC using whatever cable came with the unit (Usually USB) and ensure that the unit has the correct drivers installed

2) Open MapSource and make sure you have selected the Corrib map

3) When the CorribCharts are on the screen, select the 'Map Tool' button in MapSource

4) Highlight the map by left-clicking (once) any area of the map (It should change colour slightly)

5) Click: "Transfer => Send to Device" and the window 'Send to Device' should appear

6) After a couple of seconds, your unit should appear in the Drop-Down menu. If not, click the "Find Device" button (If your GPS still does not appear, there is a driver problem, or the GPS unit is powered off)

7) Once your device appears on the Drop-Down menu, ensure the 'Maps' check-box is checked, and then click "Send"

8) Once transfer has completed, the GPS can be disconnected from PC. CorribCharts is now installed on the GPS

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