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Marine Chart (Bluecharts) skin for GPSMapedit

How the Chart is made

This is a short version Marine Chart (Bluecharts) skin for GPSMapedit. Place it in a folder and then use "View - manage map skins - add". One of our Corrib custom markers has been left in the file so that you can use it as a template for your own modifications. It also contains our own custom BBQ symbol which remaps the Garmin spar symbol.

NOTE: This is only a skin file to make working in GPSMapedit easier – it is not a TYP file for cgpsmapper (One will be available soon)

“I suggest you use the (m) objects with caution, I prefer to use the additional "marine=Y" as an attribute "extra" in the object description and use 2 byte descriptors (eg 0x301 instead of 0x10301) when using marine=B in the MP file header, although the 3 byte descriptor works OK for Buildings, Information and Facility points. It’s really a case of "suck it and see". If it works OK when you put it on your GPS then that's all matters - all feedback about what works, and what doesn't is welcome”
- Trevor

Link to Skin

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