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Chart updates & Navigation warnings
Version 1.17
Published by CorribCharts in CorribCharts Update • 26/07/2010 11:12:05
This contains some major formatting changes, information points, improved contouring, and many newly surveyed areas previously incompletely charted on the old BA chart or simply completely missed, including a new dangerous and unmarked shallow. The buoyage system on the lake is in the process of changing to IALA – updates will be issued as the process moves along as well as updates on the basis of new surveys.

As usual – if you spot anything on the lake that you feel should be included please email us. Similarly, if you find something on the chart that is obviously wrong – please let us know.

We are still hunting for information on the barge wreck near White Strand Island on the upper lake – a sidescan sonar image of which appears on the website. The position of this wreck will not be promulgated until we have researched it further – so we’re sorry if you were expecting to find it on the chart ! There is however a sunken wooden lakeboat up near Doon in a few metres of water if you are desperate for adventure.