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Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo

The pier at Ashford Castle is reserved for the Corrib Cruises ferry. If attempting to land here, use the bottom of the pier beside the boat shed (beside the steps). Make sure to leave enough space for the Red Cross RIB as this provides emergency rescue on Lough Corrib.

The timber jetty was built as a fishing jetty, so if there is someone fishing there give way. We have often moored there and have never been questioned by staff (But we were going to spend money in the restaurant and it was less than 1 hour) - It would be advisable to phone Ashford Castle before attempting to moor here.

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EXTREME CAUTION must be taken when approaching Ashford Pier. After turning the last corner before the pier, keep to the RIGHT going up-stream (ie. the pier side of the river). There are shallows in the middle of the river, spreading over to the castle side of the river.

Give way to the Corrib Cruises ferry, she has right of way on the pier.

Corrib Cruises offer daily sailings on Lough Corrib from this pier.

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